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About Petra

I chose this path because I needed to feel empowered… about my body, my safety, my choices, and my right to feel better than ok. I needed the knowledge to take care of myself. So I studied, and I practiced, and built bridges with the geeky science-minded folks while keeping artists as my allies.

My Holistic Studies began thirteen years ago at Heartwood Institute, a magical school located in the coastal mountain range of Northern California, where I completed a 1200 hour Holistic Health Practitioner Program. There, I applied my undergraduate degree of Biology and Chemistry to further study in western hard sciences and Deep Tissue Massage.

At Heartwood, I also engaged in intensive study of Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Conscious Communication Counseling. I’ve since become certified in Trigger Point Therapy, Ayurvedic Practices of Cleansing and Healing, and Chinese, German, and Contemporary Cupping Methods.  I continue to study Holistic Health through a series of scientific and spiritual lenses to better understand the breadth of the human experience.

Above all else I believe in a kind of balance, one that looks like all the parts and the whole, the alchemy, the forward the looking back, the looking in and possibly opening up.